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Unitron QuantumTM 20 ITE Series

Completely in the Canal (CIC)Mini Canal (MC)

Canal (CA)  ‧ Half Shell (HS)  ‧ Full Shell (FS)

Signature features

20 channels

Next generation automatic with SmartFocus

Clients can experience superior automatic performance with the optimal blend of 3 listening environments plus a unique specialized treatment of music. In addition, the integration of SmartFocus™ further improves speech understanding in noise or provides optimal comfort automatically

Pinna Effect

This feature uses sophisticated calculations to recreate natural directionality

Natural Sound Balance

An adaptive feature to minimize artifacts that can occur when amplified sound combines in the ear canal with direct sound. Natural Sound Balance continuously monitors these sounds and makes precision adjustments to preserve a clear, balanced signal

Automatic Adaptation Manager

Allows for an automatic and smooth adjustment period for the client; providing the best possible first fit acceptance combined with maximum long-term benefit for speech understanding

Next generation feedback manager

Harnessing the power of Unitron’s new Era™ platform, the next generation feedback manager offers maximum usable gain by suppressing feedback transients before they become audible

Self learning and LearnNow

Capable of learning client preferences for SmartFocus and volume control in all programs. Clients are able to accelerate the learning by using the LearnNow™ feature

Wireless technology

Binaural Phone – streams audio to the non-phone ear, allowing for binaural hearing while using a phone

DuoLink – program, volume and SmartFocus adjustments conducted on one hearing instrument are automatically transferred to the other ear

uDirect (optional) – wireless interface between hearing instruments and Bluetooth® enabled devices (eg. cell phones)

uTV™ (optional) – streams audio from a TV or audio source to the uDirect

Remote controls (optional)

Choice of remote controls for essential or fully featured functionality;

‧ Unitron remote control  ‧ Smart Control

Smart Alert System (optional)

A unique solution that provides awareness of household alerts


Additional features

‧ 3 manual + 3 wireless streaming programs

‧ IntelliVent technology available on earmolds and sleeve molds

‧ Multiband adaptive directional microphone

‧ AntiShock™

‧ MyMusic™

‧ Speech enhancement LD

‧ Noise reduction

‧ Wind noise manager

‧ Data logging

‧ Easy-t

‧ Easy-DAI

Optional wireless programming with iCube



Suggested Fitting Range

Quantum 20 M (moderate power)

Quantum 20 P (power)

Quantum 20 HP (high power)